snow day

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Snow Days in the Rain Forest

After a full snow day yesterday we had a two hour late start today. Whether it was the chance to get enough sleep, exhaustion from playing in the snow, or just normal cycles, most of our kiddos were really mellow today. I love the reaction when the new groups come into the art room, walk by the new loom and just say, "Wow!" I've had a full contingent of weavers in every class except second grade - and they're still busy with their little craft stick looms.

I'm learning, too. Did you know that first graders close to looms with scissors are a bad idea? Or that four inch yarn scraps multiply overnight in art studios? I'm still smiling as I remember the second grader who told me (after contributing two inches of “orange is better, Ms. J.”) to a weaving. She announced, “It's done. You can cut my part off. I'm taking it home.” I gently explained that the weaving she was working on had quite a bit more work ahead of it and asked her what she liked best about what she'd done. Weavers in deep concentrationWeavers in deep concentration

“But I have to take it with me now. Other kids might mess it up. They won't use orange and orange is better.”

“Your orange is truly beautiful, Ashley. Won't it be neat to see what other students add to your ideas?”

“So can I come back during second recess to get it?”

I finally gave up, hid in the classic adult, “We'll talk more about this another time, sweetheart” response, and convinced her to line up with the rest of her class. Something tells me the subject will come up again.

Life was good in the art corner today.

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