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Here, There Be Snakes

One, actually, but she's a beauty. I've been a snake hobbyist for years and currently have two red-tailed boas. Fractal and Jezebel are eight years old this year and are great pets. Boas are mellow by nature and kids are fascinated by them, which makes them good classroom visitors. Jez first visited during fun day (when we reward all our well behaved ducklings with a free choice specialist day) just before the holidays. She travels with a big cage, ceramic heater, clip-on lamp, and a smile. There's a short facts poster near her cage and lots of counter space so artists can get “up close and personal” with crayons, markers, or paints.Jezabel and friendsJezabel and friends

So we have snake paintings – full splashes of vivid color (some kids like to liberate Jezebel from her natural camouflage) and careful colored pencil drawings and lots of melted crayon masterpieces.
Snakes fit in well with several parts of the curriculum so Jez has visited classrooms learning about animals who molt (and left some primo, laminated sheds behind for teachers to share) rain forests, and reptiles. She's good, quiet company and students love visiting with her through the glass.

What can I say? Sssssssssssssssssssssssssshe's good company!

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