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I print, you print, we ALL print!

Ta DA!Ta DA!I've been pondering the timing for a print center for some time now. It's always been there on my list - right after fabric arts and just before clay. I spent lots of time digging for good examples of kid-based printing, filtering through reference books in bookstores, checking with peers for tips and tricks, and going back through the archives in the TAB Yahoo Groups list. Like all of my best fun, it wasn't as much a question of what to include as it was the elemental, "How on earth can I make all of this fit in a single center?" question. I inherited quite a few tubes of water-based printer ink, brayers, carving tools, and some clever students with boundless energy.

After visiting the lumberyard for a thick sheet of Plexiglass to cut up for monoprinting (and lots of other fun things) I spent the long weekend playing with color and paper. This week's kids have done a fabulous job experimenting with things and have created some stunning work. We have ink (aka tempera) under all our fingernails and some spiffy prints to show off to our families. Art is a social activity for fourth gradersArt is a social activity for fourth graders

For now, we're most intrigued with monoprints (mostly manipulating paint on the Plexi-sheets with combs and craft sticks) and making our own stamps with styrofoam and pencils. Fun!

Tasks for the weekend - rigging something above the printmaking table that will hold drying prints. Sharing the paint center's racks is a traffic jam.

Enjoy the pictures -
Apron? Check. Ink? Check. Stamp? Check.Apron? Check. Ink? Check. Stamp? Check.

This is the way to pat a monoprint.This is the way to pat a monoprint.

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