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Friendship loom - woo hoo!

Our first "big loom" weavers try it out.Our first "big loom" weavers try it out.The loom finds her first friends! It's been a long time coming. I've been working on building a loom like one I've seen online off and on for a few weeks. The design wasn't too hard to come up with but putting it together with damp lumber (wouldn't you think that lumber yards in this rainy state would cover their raw lumber?) in an unheated barn wasn't too much fun.

Then there was the base of the thing, which I cleverly installed backwards the first time (not the cold this time, just the reality of forgetting the axiom: measure twice, cut once) and had to re-do with some more scrap lumber.

The loom made its way to my classroom this weekend and I finally had enough heat to paint, secure the sides, and pound in the nails.

This morning's first graders were the first kids I turned loose on the loom and they were thrilled. I got pictures for posterity and really smiled when I watched them develop their own systems for making it work for them. Here's how it works. I poke the yarn between the warp string and say, "over." My partner on the other side pokes it back, one notch over, and solemnly says, "under." I love it.

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