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Flying Colors

The artiste at workThe artiste at workWhat has 40 whirring blades, 200 sticky appendages, and a fiery love for layers and layers and layers and even more layers of brilliant color? Twenty kindergartners in the throes of a lesson on layering collage are a terrifying force for art good. How did a whole group lesson in collage come about inside a mini-studio territory like ours? There are a couple of answers. First, when a new studio is introduced, we frequently do an in depth orientation into how things work. It's important for everyone to know how the tools work, what kinds of thing are possible with the materials inPartnersPartners the studio, and to have a bit of background in related genre. Collage (or "cut paper" in kinderspeak) is a rich place for creative artists. All the layering, textures of different papers, magazine picture cutting, not to mention the fun mask and puppet making that lend themselves to the area, are a trill.

A startled layering masterA startled layering masterDifferent from a lesson that points children towards a specific project, a good kindercollage lesson teaches some basics about attachment. A glue stick is a fabulous source of entertainment but works best in collage when it's used carefully. (Translation: one large stick per collage project might be a little much.) Scissors are wonderful tools, but it's a little harder to assemble 3,278 pieces of shredded construction paper if you don't save one bigger piece to use as a base. One last challenge Deep in concentrationDeep in concentrationis to gain an understanding about how much time we have in art for short projects. If we have about thirty minutes for cutting and pasting, thirty minutes of cutting (remember the 3,278 pieces of construction paper?) won't leave an artist any time for pasting.

If I more time with my flock of kinderducklings, we could do more of the "discover how to use this tool" exploration on our own. As it is, though, I'd rather install a few short cuts so we can get to full studio use as soon as possible. The payoff? Total joy.My art is serious businessMy art is serious businessFabulous scissor techniqueFabulous scissor techniqueCelebrate!Celebrate!

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