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Article Index

This is an index of articles that I've written to detail projects or concepts, or tools that relate to TAB choice-based pedagogy.

[PDF] Northwest TAB Gathering 2013 Teaching for Artistic Behavior is an amazing pedagogy. Where are you in the journey - novice and just exploring student-based art for the first time? TAB dabbler, employing a modified approach that fits your kids and your program? Full-bore TAB fanatic, designing systems for your students based on what you've learned about TAB over the years? No matter your level of TAB fluency, you'll enjoy getting together with other art teachers to share techniques, successes, and challenges related to our favorite pedagogy.

Join us for a full day of TAB sessions in a fully outfitted classroom in Shelton, WA. On the weekend we'll meet, school will have been out for a few days and the classroom will still be set up for students. Teachers of all levels are welcome as we share, learn, and network. Here's a flyer with details, or you may contact Joyce M. Jaime [joycerainwalker -AT- gmail -DOT- com].

Large, Multi-child Loom - One Each – Commercial looms are expensive but we REALLY needed a big loom in the fabric arts center. After I decided on the size I needed and surveyed the tools I had in my workshop, I came up with this design. This article provides a materials list, plans, and a process for making a loom suitable for K-5 classroom weaving.

[PDF] Mini-Lessons by Studio – Here is a list of the mini-lessons I use throughout the year, organized by studios in our classroom.

[PDF] Studio EALR Connections – The Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction mandates standards for art instruction. These are called "Educational Academic Learning Requirements" (EALR). This is my mapping of EALRs as they connect to studio lessons in my classroom.

[PDF] Collaboration Protocol for a TAB Classroom – Team teaching and collaboration are exciting ways to strengthen connections between regular classrooms and our art studio. Here is a brief document designed to help frame the discussion.

[PPT] The Care and Feeding of a TAB Choice Based Art Program – Here's the TAB presentation I shared at our state's annual art teacher convention in October of 2009. You'll find the Eight Habits of Mind framework, pictures of my students, and resources you can follow for more information.

Gradebook and Seating Chart – There are as many ways to organize a TAB classroom as there are TAB teachers. Here's an article that briefly shares some of my systems for putting a grade book and seating chart together.

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